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      Farride Tire Product Conference Was Held Successfully

      2018-01-15 11:48:00 Read Source:
      On December 28, 2017, Henan Farride Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. held the " Farride Tire Product Press Conference and Celebration of Breaking the Guinness World Record" in Xinyang. The company's core team and people from the fields of politic, business, literature, art and media, were present. Review the Guinness World Records Challenging Trails.

      ▲Guowu Xiong, the executive director and general manager of Henan Farride Rubber Technology Co., Ltd.

      Mr. Guowu Xiong, the executive director and general manager of Henan Farride Rubber Technology Co., Ltd., firstly made a speech and warmly welcome the guests present at the conference also give his sincere greetings to all the staff members.

      In his speech, Mr. Guowu Xiong said that Farride “spray type, self-sealing” tires have the functions of leak-proof, explosion-proof, and noise reduction. During the company's development, Farride always adhere to the service tenet of "your safety, my mission" and insist on the concept of scientific research promotes productivity and the belief of quality is the life of a brand. 

      "Good quality builds company's reputation. We are committed to inherit the spirit of ingenuity, build the best brand in leak-proof safety tire industry! The Guinness World Record Challenge, the most popular international event in national tire industry in 2017, leaves a deep impression in the history of tire development. Farride tells people all over the world that the Chinese manufacture has not only high quality, but also the ingenuity and innovation. The Farride tires will lead the fourth revolution in tire industry," Mr. Guowu Xiong said.

      He said, "Ingenuity is about ten years of focusing on one thing. Farride spent more than 20 years focusing on product research and development, product quality and performance. Just want more families can be safe in their every trip."
      ▲The Farride Product Launching Ceremony

      Focus on tire safety, adjust business model, and promote the revolution of China's domestic tire industry.

      "A tire carries the safety of entire car, and the safety carries the happiness of entire family. Safety is the most important thing in driving. For the driver, the tire is one of the most important auto parts, which concerns the performance of driving and drivers' safety. Safety tires can bring drivers unprecedented safety guarantee. Accidents caused by flat tire have brought sufferings to thousands of families. Tire safety should always be on your guard!" Mr. Weihong Chen said during his speech.
      ▲Weihong Chen, the vice general manager of Henan Farride Rubber Technology Co., Ltd.

      According to statistics, 70% of accidents on highways are caused by flat tire. At the speed of 120 kilometers per hour, the driver's reaction control time is only about 3 seconds, and the death rate of the flat tire accident at more than 160 kilometers per hour is nearly 90%. Flat tires have become the "top killer" of highways traffic accidents. In order to overcome this problem, Farride has spent more than 20 years and finally made the "leak-proof, explosion-proof, noise reduction" safety tires to a higher and mature level.

      Farride tire follows the basic principle of "innovation-driven, quality-oriented, green development, structural optimization and talent oriented" in "made in China 2025" and the trends of reform and development in tire industry.
      Relying on the internet to connect with each customer of Farride tire and using the big data platform formed by millions of our customers to provide professional comprehensive services. At the technical research and development aspect, set up the Farride R&D center; At the marketing promotion aspect, set up the Beijing operation center; At the production and manufacturing aspect, set up the production base in Xinyang.

      Innovate tire production technology and build the best national “spray type, self-sealing” safety tire brand.

      Professor Zhihong Chen, director of the R&D center of Henan Farride Rubber Technology Co., Ltd., attended this event.
      ▲Core technologist of Henan Farride Rubber Technology Co., Ltd.: Professor Zhihong Chen
      "I have engaged in rubber industry for a long time. Our Farride tire has presented its outstanding performance during the Guinness World Records Challenge, which made me feel excited. Farride tire is the first one that can drive through 6,000 nails with a diameter of 4.4mm and a length of 35mm and then challenge the “750-meters vehicle slalom”. This give us perfect demonstration of Farride "leak-proof, explosion-proof, and noise reduction" safety tire. It provides a detailed data reference for the technical development and upgrading of the subsequent products, and then develops and produces a more comfortable, safer and more durable Farride tire product to serve the whole society.

      In view of the product performance of Farride tire, professor Zhihong Chen has made a detailed interpretation, “Farride tire independently research and develop the most advanced “spray type, self-sealing” safety tire technology in tire industry. This technology is made by using a special equipment, evenly spraying a soft polymer organic memory synthetic rubber on the inner side of the tire to form an anti-leakage safety protection zone inside the tire. When the nail is pulled out, the polymer memory rubber will automatically close in a second to prevent air leakage, which will prevent a flat tire accident”.
      This Farride product press conference is a new starting point in the history of China rubber tire industry. Starting with the new product line of Farride “spray type, self-sealing” safety tire, Farride provides the "one-stop" tire service solution for consumers. We believe in the near future, more and more consumers will have a better ride because of the Farride safety tire.
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